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Upgraded Phone Reservations

Improve your host stand efficiency with call screening connected to your guest database. A better workflow for your staff that empowers personalization and customer service.

What is Phone Integration?

Phone integration is the ability to route incoming calls through our reservation system. With an integrated phone, hosts can see key guest information at a glance before they answer, as well as easily book a table for the guest whilst on the call. 

Online booking widgets
Caller ID

Personalization is a breeze with guest info call screening.

rich guest profiles
In-Call Guest History

See a snapshot of guest dining history during the call. 

waitlisting software
Seamless Integration

Phone calls are integrated seamlessly into the reservation system. 

free sms confirmation
Faster Reservations

From first ring to confirmed booking in seconds.

block tables online
Guest Call Log

See a history of all calls, and which ones lead to reservations. 

restaurant data download
List Builder

Easily transform phone calls to guest records.

Guest & Table Management Platform

Supercharge your reservations phone line

Our restaurant phone integration is easy to set up. And the best thing? It'll work with any phone.  

Guest & Table Management Platform

Take Phone Reservations to the Next Level 

Get started with a reservation system that streamlines your reservation management.

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