15th October, 2020 | iPad 4.0.2 & Admin Enhancements - Drag and drop tables, filter reservations, and more

New Features

  • Drag and Drop Reservations 🍴

    You can now conveniently assign tables to reservations, link tables, move guests and swap tables for a reservation through our new drag and drop feature

    • Directly assign tables to reservations by dragging the reservation cell to a table of your choice
    • Easily move guests from one table to another by dragging a reservation from an occupied table to an empty one
    • Drag one table to another to merge them together
    • Conveniently swap tables for reservation by dragging an occupied table to another

    Learn how to drag & drop tables with this guide →

  • Filter Reservations by Shifts

    Our new reservation filter helps you prepare and plan for future shifts by allowing you to easily filter and view upcoming reservations for a specific shift on floor view.

    You can also view the number of covers under each upcoming reservation

    Learn more about reservation filters with this guide →

  • Easily View Delivery Orders 🛵

    You can now view your restaurant's delivery orders easily in the delivery section of the orders tab

    Additional details about the order including delivery and location details can also be viewed by clicking the order cell.

    Learn more about online ordering →

  • View Reservation and Guest Tags through Chit Printer

    In order to help your servers and kitchen staff keep track of guest preferences and ensure no information is missed, you can now view any reservation and guest tags attached to a particular reservation on the chit printer tickets.

    Learn how to set up your chit printer with this guide

  • Preselected Reservation Taker

    To make the reservation process more efficient, the reservation taker will now, at default, be selected as the user that is logged into the system while taking the reservation.

    Learn more about managing reservations with this guide →


Restaurant Admin Enhancements

To provide you with the best reservation and table management experience, we have made some changes to the admin section of Eat App.

These changes are aimed at providing users better functionality as well as making your experience as efficient as possible

  • Modify Reservations ✅

    In order to create a better reservation experience, guests can now easily modify or cancel existing reservations on their own through the widget link provided in their reservation confirmation email.

    With this new functionality, guests can:

    • Change guest details
    • Modify time, date and number of covers for a reservation
    • Select reservation preferences
    • Cancel the reservation

    Once guests have made the required changes to their reservation, restaurant users will receive an email with the updated information.

    Learn how to modify reservations →

  • Reservation Preferences ✏

    Users can now create reservation preferences that can be assigned to particular tables and sections of your restaurant layout, allowing customers to pick their preferences while making a reservation.

    Reservation preferences can include "Smoking/Non-Smoking", "Indoor/Outdoor", "Window Table" or even specific sections of your restaurant, like "Terrace", "Seaview" etc.

    Once certain tables or volume have been assigned to a reservation preference, any guest that has requested for that preference while making a reservation will automatically be assigned one of the allotted tables.

    For example, if you create a "smoking" reservation preference and assign your terrace room to it, any guest that chooses the smoking preference while making a reservation will automatically be allotted a table specifically in the terrace room

    Learn about adding reservation preferences →

  • Navigation Changes ➡

    To make your Eat App experience as easy as possible, we have made a few changes in the settings section and grouped the tabs to make navigation across the system more streamlined

    Look out for these new tabs:

      • General: All restaurant profile and general widget-related settings
      • Availability: Shift settings, reservation preferences, and blocking hours settings
      • Tags: Editing or adding reservation and guest tags
      • Messages: Editing SMS and email settings
      • Features: Enabling and adding extra features like guest reviews, menu, offers, etc.
      • Users and Billings: Add users and modify permissions and preferences
  • Enhanced Custom Messaging Templates 📩

Restaurants can now add various new attributes in their messaging templates including a menu, reservation modification link, and reservation preferences to enable better communication between the restaurant and guest.

Learn about guest messaging →



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