16th April, 2020 | Web 2.7.0 - Extended Reservation Details

New Features

  • Extended Reservation Details ✅

    Restaurants can now view more comprehensive guest and reservation details when viewing the reservation popup.

    We've split up the reservation details popup into specific sections to help give you a better overview of each individual reservation. Below are the new sections we've added.

    • Details: Reservation details can now be edited directly through the details tab.
    • Messages: Users can view the messaging history for a particular reservation. From the messaging tab you can also choose to send out custom messaging templates instead of the default messages.
    • Reservation Comments: Your staff can now add internal comments to any reservation to stay updated and keep track of any changes.
    • Payments: Staff members can create payments and view the payment history for a specific reservation from the payments tab.
    • POS Ticket Details: POS ticket details for every reservation including ticket number, menu pricing, and pricing are also available under reservation details.

    Learn more about managing reservations with this guide →



We have improved and added more information including guest notes and number of visits to our daily print reports .


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