16th November, 2020 | Web 3.1.0 - Adding Guests, View Late Reservations, Additional Table Labels, and more

New Features

  • Add Guest from Search Bar πŸ‘±πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ

    Adding new guests has now become easier than ever. Click on the "add new guest" button under the guest search bar while making a reservation and add the guest details on the pop-up to quickly create a guest profile

    Our new "add new guest" pop-up ensures that guest details are always saved while creating a reservation.

    Learn more about guest management with this guide β†’

  • View Late Reservations on Tables πŸ•”

    You can now choose to display late reservations on tables by enabling the "upcoming reservations" table label on floor view.

    When the current time is past the time the reservation is made for, the allotted table and reservation cell for the specific reservation will automatically be highlighted in red.

    Learn more about table labels with this guide β†’

  • More Table Labels πŸ”–

    To gain a more comprehensive view of current and upcoming reservations, users can now view 3 table labels per table - at the top, in the middle, and at the bottom of each table.

    These labels can be customized as per user preferences.

    Learn more about table labels with this guide β†’

  • Table Information on Hover πŸ‘†πŸ½

    To ensure you don't miss out on any details on your floor plan, our new hover feature enables users to view the labels and other details on every table clearly upon hovering.

    This is especially useful if you have a crowded floor plan with overlapping tables, as it allows you to easily view the information about each table by bringing it to the front.

    Learn more about setting up your restaurant layout with this guide β†’

  • Zoom In/Out on Floor View πŸ”

    Users can now get a clearer view of their layout and see table labels and other reservation details better by zooming into the floor view using the green button on the bottom right of the screen.

    Learn more about setting up your restaurant layout with this guide β†’

  • View Guest Tags on Reservation Cells 🏷

    You can now view guest tags along with reservation tags on the reservation cell, giving your staff a more comprehensive view of the reservation.

    Learn more about guest and reservation tags with this guide β†’

  • Improved Reservation Reports πŸ“Š

    Reservation reports are now available based on both the number of reservations and the number of covers, providing a more granular insight into your restaurant's performance.

    Learn more about reservation reports with this guide β†’


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