20th April, 2021 | Web 3.7.0 - Guest Search and Reservation Enhancements

New Features

  • Reservation detail enhancements ✨

    Adding or editing reservations is now easier than ever with our redesigned reservation screens

    • View and add more details while taking or editing a reservation with new sections like comments and notes
    • Manually input or edit the numerical field for time, covers, and duration to streamline the reservation process

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  • Leave Comments from Anywhere 📝

    Users can now add internal comments directly through the add and edit reservation screens along with the reservation details screen to maintain a clear flow of communication amongst the staff.

    These comments can only be viewed by the staff and can easily be edited after they are sent.

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  • Guest Search Enhancements 🤵🏽

    Guest search is now available in 2 views - card view and list view

    List view shows a list of all the guests along with basic details, while card view displays a board with guest cards which can be expanded to view more details like attached tags, notes, and more.

    Groups with multiple restaurants can now also choose to search for a guest in the entire group database or just their own restaurant database with the "group search" toggle located beside the search bar

    By default, group search will be enabled, but can easily be disabled by toggling the switch off

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  • Guest Profile Enhancements 👱🏽‍♀️

    We have redesigned the guest profiles and divided them into different sections to provide a clear and concise view of guest details to the user.

    • Life time information: Details about the guest's life time reservation and POS history (can be viewed for individual or group level)
    • Basic Information: Details like guest name, contact information, and notes
    • Tags: Any attached guest tags
    • Personal Information: Details like gender, birthday, anniversary, and more
    • Alternative Information: Alternative contact details like phone number and email address

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  • Reservation Cell Redesign ✅

    Reservation cells on floor and grid view now display the comments and notes icon when either are attached to the reservation.

    The latest comments and notes can be viewed by hovering over the respective icons, making it easy for your staff to gather all the guest information at a glimpse.

    You can also see any attached comments and notes on the list view

Learn more about adding comments and notes with this guide →



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