20th December, 2020 | Web 3.2.0 - Visualize Future Floor View, Keyboard Shortcuts, and more

New Features

  • Gaze into the future 🔮

    Users can now see their floor view for any future time to gain a better understanding of their upcoming reservations, confirmed/not confirmed tables, assigned tables, and more.

    This feature will help restaurant managers better prepare for and manage upcoming shifts.

    To look at your floor view for a future time, simply click on the clock icon on the top right of the floor view and choose a suitable time.

    Learn more about floor view with this guide →

  • Change in floor view configuration 🔧

    Table Labels and Edit Layout options have now been grouped together under the "Floor Configuration" dropdown, which can be accessed by users at the top right of floor view.

    Learn more about floor view with this guide →

  • Keyboard Shortcuts ⌨

    To help optimize your Eat App experience further, we have now introduced keyboard shortcuts to make your management & reservation process simpler and more efficient.

    The keyboard shortcuts now available are:

    • Create a reservation - r
    • Create a reservation and search for guest - t
    • Filter by shift - Shift + 1,2,3,4
    • Escape to exit text fields - esc
    • Escape to close pop-ups - esc
    • Omni search - o
    • View search - s
    • Copy and paste tables - CTRL + c, CTRL + v

    Learn more about keyboard shortcuts with this guide →

  • Reservation details through chit printer 🖨

    To ensure no important information slips through the cracks, all reservation details (including reservation notes and tags) can now be printed out through the chit printer.

    Learn more about setting up the chit printer with this guide →


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