22nd October, 2020 | Mobile 1.5.0 - Improved POS ticket details, POS guest lifetime value, and more

New Features

  • Improved POS ticket details 📝

    In order to enable a better guest experience, your staff members can now view the following POS ticket information from the reservation details window.

    • POS ticket ID
    • Ticket opened at
    • Ticket closed at
    • Server name

    Learn more about POS integration with this guide →

  • View Guest Lifetime Value 💰

    Restaurants with POS integration can now view a customer's lifetime value under the guest profile, with details including:

    • Total number of POS tickets
    • Total spend
    • Average spend per visit
    • Average spend per cover

    Learn more about guest management with this guide →

  • Reservation and Guest Tag Ordering

    Users can now rank their guest and reservation tags with numbers on the basis of priority, enabling a more streamlined reservation process.

    Tags ranked #1 will be visible at the top of the list, then 2, 3, and so on. The ranking will also reflect tag visibility on the reservation cell.

    Tip: You can assign the same number to multiple tags, which will then be sorted alphabetically

    Learn more about guest and reservation tags with this guide →

  • Table Selection in Shifts 🍴

    For creating reservations that fall under table shifts, it's now mandatory for users to select tables.

    However, table selection will not be mandatory for creating reservations under volume shifts.

    Learn more about setting up shifts with this guide →



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