27th October, 2020 | Web 3.0.0 - POS Ticket Matching, Guest Lifetime Value, and more

New Features

  • POS Ticket Matching ✅

    Your staff can now manually match or change a matched POS ticket for a reservation through the reservation details pop-up.

    Simply select the right POS ticket from the existing list and save your changes, which will then be reflected in the reservation details.

    Learn more about activating POS integration →

  • View Guest Lifetime Value 💰

    Restaurants with POS integration can now view a customer's lifetime value under the guest profile, with details including:

    • Total number of POS tickets
    • Total spend
    • Average spend per visit
    • Average spend per cover

    Learn more about guest management with this guide →

  • View Reservation Details from the Guest Profile 📝

    Users can now view reservation details from past reservations directly through the guest profile. Simply click on any reservation cell in the reservation history tab of guest profile to view the reservation details pop-up.

    Learn more about guest profiles with this guide →

  • Easily View Delivery Orders 🛵

    You can now view your restaurant's delivery orders easily in the delivery section of the orders tab

    Additional details about the order including delivery and location details can also be viewed by clicking the order cell.

    Learn more about online orders with this guide →


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