28th January, 2020 | Restaurant Automation is Here!

New Features

Say hello to the next level of efficiency with Eat App's brand new feature - automation. Improve your restaurant's operational efficiency with this next-generation system that automates processes and helps your staff save hours of manual work. Set-up your own personalized set of automation rules that trigger automated tasks that will run on auto-pilot in the background without you having to lift a finger.

Define one or more conditions for each automation rule, and choose if one or all conditions have to be met to trigger the chosen actions.

Once automation is activated on your system, here's a few ways you can automate your restaurant's operations

  • If a reservation is not seated after 30 minutes of the reservation start time, change the reservation status to late and send guest a late message

  • If a guest reaches 10 visits, tag them as "VIP" and send a special discount email

  • If today is guest's birthday, send them a birthday message

  • If a guest reaches 10 no-shows, tag them as "Flakey Guest"

    Supercharge your guest experience and unlock the next level of personalization by automating your restaurant's marketing flow, identifying your ideal customers, and enabling accurate reporting through automation.

    Get in touch to activate automation on your Eat App system today!


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We're excited to release Eat App's latest addition to our restaurant efficiency suite in the form of automation.

Restaurant operations on autopilot - Eat App's newest automation feature enables you and your staff to save countless hours every day without ever compromising the guest experience. This industry-first feature allows you to set up automation rules that run in the background - making it easier than ever to tag guests, improve restaurant reporting and even automate your restaurant marketing.

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