30th Aug 2022 | Updates on Floor plan and Chit Printer

You are now able to make your digital floor plan exactly like your real restaurant layout on iPad. In addition, you can now auto-connect to chit printer.

Feature Enhancement - Edit FloorInstead of guesstimating your floor plan, the new floor plan enhancement allows you to make your digital floor plan exactly like your real restaurant layout!

With this NEW enhancement, you can easily, 
  • Resize tables (seamlessly through our iPad app in your own comfort);
  • Add your actual floor plan to the background to match it (it’ll look exactly as you expect);
  • Add shapes to your floor plan to allow staff  to visualise the restaurants as it is (eg; to represent bars, pillars, room dividers etc);
  • Easily visualize online availability while editing;
  • Switch tables online and offline with ease.

Watch the guideline below to see how you can start using the features to enhance your floor plan exactly like your real restaurant layout.

HubSpot Video

Chit Printer

We know how hard it is to get communication going seamlessly between front of the house of the restaurant all the way to the back of the house, where the kitchen is.

We had decided to make auto connecting to chit printer faster and easier, so that it allows an effective way for your host to communicate with other teammates whether it is in the kitchen or other staff to ensure the guest has the best experience in your restaurant! This new chit printer allows your restaurant to have both reservation and guest notes on the receipt.

Watch below videos to see how it works for both iPad and also mobile phones. 

Chit Printing on iPad

HubSpot Video

Chit printing on mobile phones

iOS and Android platforms are both supported.

HubSpot Video