3rd January, 2022 | Blocking Tables, Waitlist page enhancements

New Feature

  • Blocking Tables 

    Your staff will now be able to temporarily block tables for both online and in-house reservations from Eat App.

    The Blocking Table feature is located in the top right tab on the Table manager. Once a user taps into the Blocking button, they will be able to either block tables or the entire room under the dropdown button.



  • Waitlist page enhancements

We saw that users are missing reservation opportunities when the customer asks for a timeslot that is full, To solve this problem, we found some clever tweaks to the user experience to help hostesses find close-by time slots. 

When a hostess gets a booking request for a specific time slot, they miss a booking because they only see availability for the current time slot they select. 

Learn more about waitlist →

  • The timeframe of the next available time slot.
  • Shows continuous calculated time for waitlist items.
  • Make it clear what the difference is between the time customer has been waiting vs the estimated wait time.
  • Show estimated time when a new waitlist is being created
  • When the user looks at the wait time field, by default it should show automatic calculation, and then the user can override that option by pressing + or - or modifying the value directly.