3rd November, 2021 | iPad 5.0.0 - Insights for your restaurant and availability

New Features

  • Operator - Insights for your restaurant 🔍

    We are excited to announce our latest feature, insights, that helps guide restaurants to improve operational efficiency and make the most out of their Eat App system.

    Insights uncovers valuable data about your business and suggests actionable insights to optimize your operations. For example, if your no show rate is treading higher, the system will notify you about the increase and suggest changes to improve the no-show rates.

    Eat App will share three types of insights with users:

    • 🔴 Warning - red icon
    • 🟡 Alert - yellow icon
    • 🔵 Information - blue icon

    Users can view insights in the top right tab next to the notifications tab on the system. Once the user taps into the the insight card, they will be able to view all the information along with possible actionable items provided by the system.

    Insights can also be saved or snoozed to be viewed at a later time.

  • Availability Breakdown ⏲

    Users will now be able to see their availability breakdown, i.e. the current capacity breakdown of the restaurant, on each view - floor, list, grid, and timeline on the system.

    • Floor view: Users will be able to see current and all day overview of restaurant capacity, i.e., how much of the floor is being used and how much is being wasted
    • Grid & timeline view: Users will be able to see capacity overview on an hourly basis, with utilization and wastage broken down into 15 minute slots


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  • New Blog Post: How to Add 'Reserve' button to your Restaurant's Facebook and Instagram Profiles

    Social media is an important way to reach and engage potential diners at your restaurant. Facebook has recognized this, and over the past few years, has added new features for page owners that go beyond just updating their feeds.

    With Facebook and Instagram's Call to Action button, restaurants can now add a 'Reserve' button on their restaurant's Facebook and Instagram pages. This is a great way to accept reservations directly from these channels and to increase diners at your restaurant.

    The 'Reserve' button lets customers book at your restaurant in a few clicks without the hassle of calling - directly from the Facebook and Instagram app. This feature can be enabled only when restaurants have subscribed to one of Facebook's official reservation partners like Eat App.

    In this article, we will take you through the steps to set-up your official Facebook and Instagram "Reserve" button.