4th July, 2021 | Admin Enhancements - Automation Library

New Features

  • Automation Library

    We are excited to announce the launch of our automation library that will help you stay on top of restaurant operations without lifting a finger. The library consists of pre-determined, commonly used automation rules that will help streamline your restaurant operations and make your daily tasks easier than ever.

    These rules can be customized and deactivated as per your restaurant's needs.

    Here's a glimpse into what you can find in the automation library:

    • Operations: This category will include all the reservation-related automation rules and will help you keep track of risky and flaky guests.
      • Frequent Cancellations: Tag guest and reservation as "Frequent Cancellations" if a guest has had 2 or more cancellations previously
      • Potential No-Show: Tag reservation as "Potential No Show" if a guest has never visited before but had 1 no show previously
    • POS: Tag a guest as high-spender when their average spend per visit or total lifetime spend goes above a certain amount. You can customize the amount as per your restaurant.
    • Retention - Guest Frequency: Keep track of new and returning guests by tagging them according to their frequency of visits. Guests will be automatically categorized as first time visitors, loyal customers, regulars, VIPs and more, enabling your staff to provide a personalized experience.
      • First Visit: Tag reservation with "First Visit" if it's the guests first visit
      • VIP: Tag a guest with "VIP" and send them an automated email if they have visited at least 9 times
    • Retention - Guest Recency: Follow up with guests that have not visited in a long time with the help of these retention automation rules. These rules tag guests on the basis of their last visit and send them an automated message to help revive lost customers.
      • Last Visit > 3 months: Send guest an automated SMS and email if their last visit > 3 months to encourage them to come back
      • Guest Recovered: Tag guest and reservation as "Guest Recovered" if guest visits after 6 months
    • Reviews - This category helps you keep track of guests that leave a review for your restaurant.
      • Frequent Reviewer: Tag guest as "Frequent Reviewer" if they have 3 or more reviews
      • Unhappy Customer: Tag guest as "Unhappy Customer" and send them an automated SMS and email if they have a review score of less than 3
    • Special Occasions - These automation rules help you stay updated about your guests' special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries by automatically tagging and messaging them.
      • Upcoming Anniversary: Tag guest as "Upcoming Anniversary" and send them an automated SMS and email if their anniversary is within 3 weeks
      • Birthday Reservation: Tag reservation with "Possible Birthday" tag if guest's birthday is within 3 weeks of reservation or notes include 'birthday' keyword

    Automation rules that trigger messaging will be set as inactive by default, and can be activated at anytime by checking the "Rule Active" box on the top right.

    Any pre-existing automation rules will remain unchanged and will be included in your automation library.

Learn more about automation with this guide →


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