7th January, 2020 | Web 3.3.0 - Floor View Enhancements, Quick Help Panel, and more

New Features

  • Floor View Enhancements ✨

    We have enhanced the floor view with added visual cues to improve your Eat App experience.

    • Colors: The colors assigned to table statuses have been enhanced to improve visibility.
    • Labels: To help provide more information at a glimpse, each table will now have the table name label attached to the bottom at all times. A new "guest name" label also displays the diner's name on each table.

    Learn more about floor view with this guide →

  • Reservation Status Groups 🍽

    Reservations can now be filtered according to a new group - lifecycle, that filters them on the basis of their lifecycle categories: Upcoming, Waitlist, Pre-service, In-service, Finished, and Removed.

    The reservation lifecycle status also reflects while making a reservation, selecting the reservation status, in the reservation details, and on the reservation cell.

    Learn more about reservation filters with this guide →

  • Quick Help Panel ❓

    To help optimize your Eat App experience, we have added a quick help panel that gives you details about all the keyboard shortcuts and icons within the system.

    You can access the quick help panel by clicking on the question mark (?) icon on the top right of your screen.

    Learn more about the quick help panel with this guide →

  • Payment Enhancements 💳

    Our payment solutions have become more flexible than ever with 3 new payment types:

    • Lump: The user has to pay a lump pre-booking amount for the entire booking
    • Per Cover: The user has to pay a pre-booking amount for each cover
    • Package: The user has to pay the amount attached to the selected package

    In addition to that, when refunding a captured payment , you can now choose to refund a partial amount or the full amount.

    Learn more about capturing payments with this guide

  • Duplicate Reservation Warning ⚠

    To avoid duplicate reservations, you will now be alerted while making a reservation if the reservation details mentioned match another reservation from the same day.

    Learn more about managing reservations with this guide →

  • Add More Servers 🧑🏻👩🏻

    Users can now add up to 20 servers instead of 12 to their system at a time.

    Learn more about adding servers with this guide →


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