8th November, 2020 | Mobile 1.4.1 & 1.5.1 - Waitlist Enhancements & Guest Tag Visibility Improvements

New Features

  • Waitlist Enhancements ⏱

    When adding or editing a reservation you'll now have the option to add "Waitlist" as a reservation status along with an estimated wait time. Reservations with status "Waitlist" will show up under the waitlist tab from the overview screen. When a waitlist exceeds its promised wait time, the timer will change colors to red - indicating that the guest should be seated.

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    Timer preferences can be edited through the advanced settings page on the web version of Eat App.

    This includes:

    • Whether the timer starts from 0 and counts up or if the timer starts from the quoted wait time and counts down to 0
    • Visibility of the timer

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  • Guest & Reservation Tag Visibility 🏷

    This update brings improved visibility to guest and reservation tags on the mobile version of Eat App. You'll now be able to see guests and reservation tags right from the reservation box in the overview section.

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  • Blog Post: The 8 Best OpenTable Alternatives in 2020

    In today's restaurant industry, guests don't expect much from restaurants when booking a table and dining - they are mainly after simplicity.

    They want to be able to book a table in as few clicks as possible, if a table is not available join the waitlist or search for alternatives, receive a personalized guest experience and when all is said and done, have their voices heard in the form of feedback.

    OpenTable, one of the world's largest reservation and table management providers, offers just that and more to both its restaurant partners and their guests. Unfortunately, this comes at a great cost when you factor in the subscription price and cost per diner. In this article, we will look at some of the considerations you need to make when looking for an OpenTable alternative as well as providing you with some of the best alternatives you can start using today.