At Table QR Codes: All-In-One Widget

One centralized QR code for all services from every table to improve guest experience and minimize time for hostess

At Table QR is a centralized QR code for all services from every table, designed to improve guest experience and minimize time for hostesses.

It is a convenient and efficient way for guests to access the menu, order, pay, review, and book reservations without having to wait for a hostess.

Who is At Table QR for?

At Table QR is ideal for venues that want to:

  • Collect more reviews
  • Streamline operations using automated tools
  • Provide a better guest experience

How does At Table QR work?

Venues simply download and print the QR codes, or Eat App  can do it for you. Then, restaurants turn on all the required at-table services.

When a guest is seated at a table, they scan the QR code and gain access to all the enabled services without any hostess intervention.

Benefits of At Table QR

  • Effortless implementation: Quick setup via downloadable/printable QR codes provides a hassle-free transition to at-table services.
  • Streamlined operations: The ability to adjust QR scan responses instantly ensures flexibility without the need for multiple new QR codes indefinitely.
  • Streamlined table services: Menu browsing, ordering, payment, reviews, and reservations are all enabled, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Empowered guest autonomy: Guests independently access services like ordering, paying, and booking, fostering a more autonomous dining experience.
  • Optimized table turnaround: Reduced waiting time and improved table turnover by minimizing hostess intervention for service initiation.

How to get started with At Table QR

1. Sign up or log in to Eat App.

2. Create a Waitlist shift.

3. Go to Integrations -> Widget -> Add to your website.

4. Spot the Waitlist Widget at the bottom.

4. Click "Download QR code".


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At the Table QR Codes is a simple and effective way to improve guest experience and streamline operations for venues of all sizes.

With its centralized QR code and customizable scan responses, At the Table QR  Codes offers a variety of benefits that can help venues attract more customers and boost their bottom line.