August 25th, 2020 | iPad 3.19.0 - Contactless Dining & Online Ordering and Enhancements

New Features

  • Contactless Dining & Online Ordering 🌐

    We are excited to announce the launch of our contactless dining and online ordering feature, giving restaurants the ability to facilitate online ordering through Eat App.

    With this feature, you can:

    • Receive online orders at your restaurant for in-house contactless dining, pre-order and pick up
    • View all your orders from a single dashboard
    • Filter your orders by order and payment status
    • Set up a digital menu for online ordering


    Restaurants can set up their customizable digital menu with images and modifiers to enable online ordering through Eat App. The online ordering menu is available on your booking widget and can be easily accessed by guests through their phones.


    To learn more about our contactless dining and online ordering feature, please contact our customer support at


To provide you with the best reservation and table management experience, we have made some changes to the naming of features in Eat App.

These changes are aimed at making Eat App more consistent across our different platforms as well as making your experience as easy to understand as possible.

A few new things to lookout for:

  • Daily Reports: We’re changing the “print” button to “daily reports” to better reflect what this feature helps you achieve - daily reservation reports whenever you need them.
  • Clearing Rooms: When attempting to mark all reservations in a specific room or your entire restaurant as "Finished", we've changed the options to "Clear room" or "Clear restaurant".
  • Guest CRM: Our newest feature, "advanced guest reports" is now renamed to "Guest CRM" to highlight exactly what new additions this feature brings to the Eat App experience.
  • Widget Tab: We have enhanced your table management's widget tab to help you make better use of your free booking widgets and remove any confusion.
  • Payment Rules: We have also made further clarifications to the payments tab to help you start accepting payments from your guests easily.
  • Reservation source: When creating and managing reservations, we've renamed the "Reservation taker" option to "Reservation source". This better reflects the multiple sources a reservation processed through your system can fall under.
  • Other Changes: In addition to these major changes, we have also made slight changes to the copy across the app to better reflect the services Eat App aims to provide you at your restaurant.


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