August 25th, 2020 | Web 2.12.0 - Contactless Dining & Online Ordering, Improved Messaging, Table Labels and more

New Features

  • Contactless Dining & Online Ordering 🌐

    We are excited to announce the launch of our contactless dining and online ordering feature, giving restaurants the ability to facilitate online ordering through Eat App. With this feature, you can:

    • Receive online orders at your restaurant for in-house contactless dining, pre-order and pick up
    • View all your orders from a single dashboard
    • Filter your orders by order and payment status
    • Set up a digital menu for online ordering

    Restaurants can set up their customizable digital menu with images and modifiers to enable online ordering through Eat App.

    The online ordering menu is available on your booking widget and can be easily accessed by guests through their phones.

    To learn more about our contactless dining and online ordering feature, please contact our customer support at

  • Improved Reservation Messaging 📩

    Users can now easily send reservation messages to customers based on the reservation status (not confirmed/confirmed) using the messaging checkboxes. Simply check the messaging box to send a request/confirmed message to the customer when creating a reservation.

    Learn more about managing reservations with this guide →

  • Table Labels ⏲

    You can now choose between two table label sizes (small and large) depending on your preferences.

    Learn more about table labels with this guide →

  • Improved Reservation Cell Design ✅

    In this release, we have also revamped the reservation cell to display extensive information about each guest including custom tags, reviews, discounts, and more, helping you gather all the details about a reservation at a glimpse.

  • Cover Flow Report🍴

    Restaurants can now view the number of covers booked per hour through the cover flow report. This information can assist you in managing your kitchen activities and staff efficiently throughout the day.


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