December 5th 2018 | Web 1.0.4 - Reservation Details, Table Timers, and Cover Count

New features

  • Reservation Details 📝

    It is now possible to see reservation details by clicking on any reservations in Floor View or Book VIew.

    Through the reservation pop up the user can easily change the status, the reservation time and number of covers for a reservation.

    Users can also directly delete reservations and if they need to edit more details, by clicking on the edit button they will be taken to the main editing screen.

    Learn more about managing reservations with this guide →

  • Table Timers⏱

    Restaurant Managers are now able to see the timers for currently seated and upcoming reservation.

    When the user clicks on the seated tab in the listing with will see timers on the tables that indicate how much time has elapsed and is left for a table. The user can also see exactly how much time has elapsed underneath the table between the brackets.

    When the user clicks on the upcoming tab in the listing, the user can see a stack of timers showing the times for the next reservation. Note that each table only shows the upcoming 3 reservations.

    Learn more about table labels with this guide →

  • Cover Count 🔢

    Restaurant operators can now see a total count of covers for their restaurant on any given day through book view.