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Eat App on Mobile

The mobile version of Eat App is a lite version of our full products on iPad and the web. The mobile table management system syncs across all your devices so you can switch between using Eat App on the Web and Eat App on mobile without missing a beat.



There are 5 main tabs on the mobile version of Eat App

  1. Overview
  2. Guests
  3. Reserve
  4. Reports
  5. More


The overview tab gives you a top level approach to managing your restaurant on the fly. From here you can see a list of all your reservations and filter them by seated and upcoming. The search bar allows you to quickly find a specific reservation by the guests name, phone number, or email.


Selecting any reservation from the overview tab will allow you to enter the reservation edit screen.

From here you can:

  • Update guest details
  • Change their reservation status
  • Change their table
  • Change the date and time of the reservation
  • Change the party size
  • Edit the duration
  • Add reservation notes
  • Assign a reservation taker
  • Add tags

It will also allow you to switch over to the POS tab where you'll be able to see all POS data that is synced in real time from your POS system if you are using Eat App's POS integration.

At the top left of the overview screen, you can quickly see a sum of all your covers for the day and change the date.

Tapping "Daily Notes" allows you to leave notes for your restaurant that sync across all devices. This can be used to store daily restaurant specials, or communicate special requests to your restaurant staff.



The guest tab is a mobile version of your entire guest database. You can use it to search for guests by entering their phone number, email, or name.

Tapping "+ Add Guest" on the top will allow you to quickly create new guests on the fly.

Selecting a guest from your guest book will give you a summary of their details as well as their complete reservation history. You can also directly create a reservation for this guest by tapping the orange + icon on the top right.

From the guests profile you will also be able to view their entire spend history if you have Eat App integrated with your POS system.



The reserve tab is where you'll be able to create new reservations using the mobile version of Eat App. Creating a reservation from here is the same process as Eat App on Web and iPad. You will need to fill in the following details for a reservation:

  • Guest details
  • Table: When selecting a table from the mobile version of Eat App, we will provide you with an image of your floor plan with checkboxes to select the table number you want to assign the reservation to
  • Date
  • Time
  • Covers
  • Duration
  • Reservation Notes
  • Reservation By
  • Tags


The reports tab of Eat App on mobile gives you a brief overview of how your restaurant is doing for the day.


The tab labelled "More" is where you will be able to switch between restaurants if you are managing more than one location as well as contact our 24/7 support team.