Eat App Chit Printer

Our chit printer enables your front-of-house staff to seamlessly print guest booking details and share useful information about the guest and reservation amongst your team.

What is a Chit Printer?
It is a device that prints guest reservations details such as tags, notes, and private comments as well as guest preferences on a slip. Businesses often need this technology to ensure clear communication between hostesses, waiters, the kitchen and other restaurant staff. This helps restaurant staff to manage guest preferences in the kitchen as well as in the seating area.

Restaurant staff work in a busy environment where mistakes can quickly snowball into kitchen backups and long wait times for tables. A chit printer system reduces the need for staff to decipher someone’s handwriting which leads to fewer mistakes, faster service and more table turns.

Why you should get an Eat App Chit Printer for your restaurant?

  1. Identify guest preferences and tags faster.
  2. Share comments discretely with other team members
  3. Reduce time spent walking back and fourth in communication.

We recommend using the Eat App chit printer for superior speed and connectivity. The Eat App chit printer has been developed to solve common issues with existing chit printer solutions. The Eat App chit printer is a cost effective way to get the most streamlined experience. For details on pricing please contact your account manager or sales rep today. Alternatively please email for further information.


How-to Setup Eat App Chit Printer

Pair your Chit Printer on iPad

Pairing your iPad with Eat App Chit Printer

  1. Head to the settings app on your iPad
  2. Tap on the bluetooth tab and make sure your bluetooth is switched on
  3. In the devices section, look for your chit printer and tap to connect
  4. Once connected, switch back to Eat App and tap on the "Settings" button on the bottom left hand side corner.
  5. Select "Chit Printing"
  6. If you've done everything correctly, your printer name should appear at the top.
  7. Tap on “Test Print” to print out a sample reservation.

Using Your Chit Printer

Navigate to "Floor View" and select any upcoming or seated reservation. Tap the printer icon to instantly print out reservation details.


Watch the videos below to see how it works for both iPad and also mobile devices.

Chit Printing on iPad

HubSpot Video

Chit printing on mobile phones

iOS and Android platforms are both supported too.


  • Make sure Bluetooth is turned on
  • Go to ‘more’ -> ‘print settings’ -> ‘connect’

IMG_7544 IMG_7545