February 10th, 2019 | iPad 3.4.2 - User Interface Enhancements

New features

  • Header consistency across all views

    The top bar is a navigational elements that should be consistent across all screens, so we've added the following fixes.

    • The "Today" Icon is now available on all screens (Floor, Book, List and Table)
    • Unifying shift filter behavior across all screens
    • Now, the shift filter works on upcoming, seated tabs in the floor view
    • Consistency on the number of covers in all view
    • Modifying the date or shifts in one screen also modifies in other screens
  • Covers per room in Custom Print Reports 🖨

Now restaurants have the option to see the number of covers per room in their print reports.

Learn more about printing reports with this guide →



  • Waitlist time counter is now in 5 minute increments. Also all -+ counters now have an enhanced to increment really fast if you press and hold on them. Please see the gif below for reference

    Feb 10 enhancement

  • Showing more valuable information in the table details pop up

  • Standardizing all view to display reservations between 4:00 am - 3:45 am.