February 13th, 2019 | Web 1.0.8 - Grid View, Table View, and Contacts Improvements

New features

  • Grid View⏱

    Restaurants now have the ability to manage their reservations through Grid View. Grid view divides the hours of the day into columns (4 am - 4 am).

    There are now "Add Booking" call-to-actions in every column to help the user create a booking quickly and also select the correct party size from the bottom carousel. The user can also filter out the columns based on shifts.

    Feb 13 Grid View

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  • Table View 🍽

    Table view is another way of managing restaurant information through a spreadsheet

    The spreadsheet divides the hours of the day on the x-axis and the tables in every room on the y-axis.

    Users can do the following to manage their bookings:

    • Collapse every room by clicking on each section header.
    • Add new reservations by clicking on a cell, which pre-selects the room and time on the add booking screen.
    • Drag and drop any reservation to another time or table.

    Reservations that are overlapping on Table View will be highlighted in red to show that there is a conflict

    Note: Filtering out the spreadsheet based on shift filters will be released in the next sprint

    Feb 13 Table View

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  • Contacts Reservation history and improvements ✅

    Users can now view a contacts reservation history and create a new reservation for that user. There are a few other technical improvements that were applied on this screen for fetching and updates contacts lists.

    Feb 13 Contacts Reservation history and improvements

  • Activate restaurants for online reservations

    This is an admin feature that allows the user to activate/deactivate tables from online reservations. Tables that are unavailable for online reservations will never be selected if a reservation is made from any of our consumer apps.

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Enhancements and Bug Fixes

As usual with every release we try to improve the performance of the app and identify and solve new issues.