Email Marketing Tool

New and improved email marketing tool

With this NEW enhancement, you can easily, 

  • Customize, send and track blast emails to your guests
  • Easily segment customers to send more targeted and effective campaigns
  • Schedule your email campaigns in advance
  • Group different blast emails under one campaign. Eg: 4 New Year's Eve party emails grouped into one campaign
  • Dashboard to track performances of blast email campaigns


How-to-guide for blast email

  1. Log into your Eat App account. The feature is located on the top bar under 'CRM'.
  2. To create a blast email, click on 'New Blast'. 
  3. In the 'Create Blast Email' screen, on the left is where you can give your blast email a title under 'Name'. Example: Sushi Night Promotion, Iftar buffet selection etc.
  4. If your blast email is part of a campaign, select the 'Campaign Name'. If not, please skip this action.
  5. Under Content, there are few default templates to choose from, in which you can edit it.
  6. Click on 'Edit Content'. In here, you can personalize the appearance and also the content of the email to your guests.
  7. Once you are happy with the blast email looks and feel, click 'Save and Close'. 
  8. Type in your 'Email Subject' and also 'Reply to Email' for any corresponding emails.
  9. If you would like to test a blast email, key in under 'Preview' the test email address.
  10. Click on 'Continue to recipients'. 
  11. Select your 'Guest groups' for the blast email. 
  12. If you would like to schedule the blast email in advance, select the date on the calendar, alternatively, you can send the blast immediately.
  13. To track your blast email performance, click 'Track' under 'My blast'. 
  14. In the 'Track blast' screen, you will be able to see the performance dashboard.

If you need further guidance, watch the how-to guide video below.