How to configure Eat App to take online payments with Telr

Here's a step by step guide on How To Configure Telr With Eat App

EatApp x Telr Configuration Guide 

  1. Go to Services -> Payments -> Telr (<your restaurant id>/services/telr)
  2. Press Yes and configure the following fields. You may find them in
    1. Go to Integrations -> Payment Page V2 -> Configuration
    2. Store ID in Eat config could be found there
    3. Put EatApp Ips to the Authorised IPs,,
    4. Auth Key in Eat config is Authentication Key
    5. Go to Remote API Settings (left side menu)
    6. Enable the following transaction types for ECom - Void, Refund, Capture, Cancel
    7. Remote API Auth Key in Eat Config is Authentication Key from this page
    8. Go to Transaction advice (left side menu, 2nd from bottom)
    9. Select Sale, Refund, Auth, Cancel, Capture, Capture Reversal
    10. Put this link into URL field (same  for  each  field ) 
    11. Press Update
    12. Then copy Data integrity secret key and insert into Webhook Verification Key in Eat Config
    13. Press Connect on Eat App
    Screenshot 2024-03-08 at 19.33.06

And it’s done