January 27th, 2020 | iPad 3.11.0 - Reservation Filters, Improved Shifts, and Waitlist Improvements

New features

  • Improved Waitlist ⏳

    Our improved waitlist feature now treats waitlist entries as part of the life cycle of a reservation. Instead of having to manually create a booking once your guest is ready to be seated, you can instantly change the status of your reservation from "Waitlist" to "Seated" or any other status or drag the entry right onto a table.

    Learn how to use waitlists with this guide →

  • Filtering/Sorting Reservations ✅

    Users can now filter their reservations and waitlist based on statuses, shifts, rooms, tags, and other parameters that apply to reservations.

    The reservations can also be sorted by reservation time, created time, name or covers.

    Users can also sort their waitlists by wait quote, created time, covers, or created time.

    Learn about reservation filters with this guide →

  • Shifts Breakdown 📝

    Users will be able to see their shifts breakdown on all the views. Every shift header shows the number of covers per shift and is color coordinated.

    Learn how to use shifts with this guide →


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