July 8th, 2019 | Web 1.6.0 - Custom Reports and UI Improvements

New features

Product Enhancements 📲

We've made numerous enhancements to your table management system in an effort to unify the experiences on both our web and iOS products.

  • Reservation Alerts

If you've set up mandatory reservation takers or tags from your reservations portal, we've now made it so your staff receive alerts if they forget to add values to those fields.

  • Reservation Pop-up

We've improved the design of the reservation details pop up window to better display the information you need for every booking.

The unique Eat Reservation ID is now visible directly from this pop-up

  • Table Pop-up

Clicking any table on your floor plan now shows you the server assigned to this table, any current or upcoming reservations, as well as a button to take you right into the reservation process for that specific table.

Learn more about managing reservations with this guide→