June 10th, 2020 | Web 2.9.0/iPad 3.15.0 - Permissions and Preferences

New Features

  • Permissions & Preferences 🔐

    This new feature allows restaurants to define permissions provided to each user type, and a few preference settings. This means that you can choose which staff members can and cannot perform certain tasks in your system

    A few permission & preference options currently available are:

    • Manage invoices: Grants the ability to view and manage invoices
    • Manage CRM tagging: Allows users to access CRM functionality settings
    • Download reservations report: Gives user the ability to download reservation reports
    • Disable reservation deletion: Grants user the ability to delete in house reservations
    • Override blocked timeslots: Warns the user about creating or moving a reservation to a blocked timeslot
    • Overbook timeslots: Warns the user about over booking time slots

    Learn more about permissions & preferences with this guide →.

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