June 19th, 2019 | Web 1.5.0 - Reservation PINs, Widget Tab, and Manual SMS

New features

  • Reservation Taker PIN 🔢

    Users can now choose to assign a 4 digit pin to the reservation takers on admin. If a reservation taker has a pin attached to their name, they will not be selectable unless they enter the correct pin.


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  • New Widget Tab 💻

    From the settings tab, users will now be able to access all their online booking widget details. These include:

    1. A link to the restaurants online booking widget
    2. An iFrame code snippet that the users can plug into their website
    3. A dialog box snippet with instructions on how to use the dialog box on the website

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  • Trigger Manual SMS for Reservation 📲

    Users can now manually send SMS to their client from the following messaging template. In this release users will be able to send 3 types of messaging Reservation Confirmed, Reservation Requested and Reservation Late.

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