Manually adding a guest to waitlist

Creating a new waitlist entry can be achieved in two methods.

  1. Clicking "Add to Waitlist" from the bottom of the waitlist tab on floor view


  2. By toggling "Waitlist" as the reservation type when creating a reservation from any view.

  • Guest: This field is optional. If no guest is assigned, the reservation will be labeled as "Walk-In"
  • Reservation Type: When you add a waitlist from the waitlist tab on floor view, the reservation type will automatically be set to "Waitlist". Alternatively, you will need to tick "Waitlist" if you want the reservation to be treated as such.
  • Date: The date of the waitlist
  • Time: The the guest was added to the waitlist
  • Covers: The number of guests added to a waitlist
  • Duration: The duration of the reservation. This can be manually changed or defined through your shifts.
  • Table: The table assigned to this reservation. For waitlists it is not required to set a table and one can be selected as the guest is seated.
  • Wait: The estimated wait time for the guest. This is based off the start time selected above.
  • Reservation Notes: Notes related to the reservation
  • Tags: Tags related to this reservation

Note: It's important to note that when a new waitlist entry is created, an SMS is automatically triggered to your guest with their estimated wait time.