March 15, 2020 | Web 2.6.0 - Daily Reports and Improved Timeline

New features

We are happy to announce that we've just launched Daily Reports on the web version of Eat App.

Click the "Reports" tab on the left hand sidebar to see it in action.

  • Daily Reports 📊

    Instead of relying on intuition when evaluating your restaurant's performance, deep dive into the metrics that matter, such as:

    • Breakdown of new vs. returning guests.
    • Breakdown of your reservations by shift
    • Detailed waitlist analytics (materialization vs. lost)
    • Reservation cover-flow

    Learn how to use daily reports with this guide →

  • View Pacing Shifts from Timeline 🕖

    Just like through Grid View, you are now able to see info about your "Pacing" defined shifts right from Timeline. In addition to this, you'll be able to view blocked time slots right from timeline.

    Learn more about shifts with this guide →


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