November 15th, 2018 | iPad 3.4.1 - POS Integration, Notifications, Conflicts, and Design Enhancements

New features

  • Point of Sale Integration 💻

    The long awaited POS integration is finally happening. Using Omnivore, a 3rd party software, we are now able to integrate our table management system with a number of industry leading POS systems. The integration matches the POS table with the table on your table management system, allowing you to collect more information about your customers, such as how much they spent, what they ordered, etc.

    Omnivore currently supports the following POS: Aloha, Brink, Dineware, InfoGenesis, Micros 3700, Micros Symphony, POSitouch, Squirrel, XPIENT, Doshii, Maitre’D, Micros Simphony, NCR Cloud Connect, Northstar and Toast.

    Learn more about POS integration with this guide →

  • Notifications 🔔

    Notifications help the restaurant manager keep track of changes that might be happening in the background without them noticing. In V1 of this feature we are notifying the user of new, updated and deleted reservations. This feature is designed to be not intrusive. New notifications count is displayed in the top notifications bubble. When the user clicks on the bubble the notification counter is cleared, and the user can see the new and old notifications.

  • Showing Reservation Conflicts ⚠

    A reservation conflict is when 2 reservation are made on the same table with conflicting times. In the past the way to show overlapping reservation is on Table View. Now restaurant managers can see overlapping reservations on Floor, Book, and Grid view.

    Learn more about reservation conflicts with this guide →

  • UI Preference: Mandatory Custom Tags ⚠

    In one of our previous updates, we added the ability for restaurants to customize certain UI preferences through the admin website (ex: requiring a reservation taker to be added with every reservation). In response to an increase demand from restaurants, we've now added the UI preference which allows restaurants to mark custom tags as mandatory when creating a reservation.

    Note: If the restaurant doesn’t have custom tags, this preference will be ignored.

    Learn more about restaurant tags with this guide →


UI/UX Enhancements

  • Reservation Notes Disclaimer: To avoid confusion we are showing a disclaimer that edited reservation notes will be emailed to the customer.

  • New Seated Status Icons, Tags and Custom Tags.

  • Creating a reservation from table open state.