November 1st, 2018 | iPad 3.4 - Customization Enhancements

New features

  • Custom Print Reports 🖨

    Restaurant operators are now able to customize the fields in their print reports (Room, status, table numbers, etc). You are also able to further drill down by choosing which specific statuses to display along with custom time ranges.

    Learn more about printing reports with this guide →

  • Customize Mandatory Fields (Reservation Taker) ✅

    From within our admin dashboard, restaurant operators are able to make changes to the display preferences on their table management system to make it mandatory for your restaurant staff to assign a reservation taker to each booking.

    Learn more about setting up preferences with this guide →



We've also added a few enhancements to the servers UX. Restaurants can now:

  1. Unassign all tables for one server

  2. Unassign all tables for all servers

  3. Drag and drop servers on the tables to replace servers