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POS Integration Offline - Restoration Guide

If you receive an offline notification email, the location has failed to respond to us for 5 minutes. 

IMPORTANT! While the location is offline you won't be able to retrieve POS data or perform admin tasks on POS, such as map tables. 

The most common causes are network disruption at the location or the back of house computer has been restarted.

Restart Agent Service

If the back office server/computer is online and has access to the internet, we recommend restarting the POS Agent service using these steps:

  1. Click the Windows Start button
  2. Click Run
  3. type in "services.msc"
  4. Click OK and a new window for Services will open
  5. in that window, scroll down until you see the POS Agent and POS Agent Updater services
  6. right-click on POS Agent and click Restart or Start (whichever isn't grayed out)
  7. a progress bar will appear, wait until it finishes
  8. right-click on POS Agent and click Refresh
  9. in the Status column to the right of POS Agent, it should say Started
  10. right-click on POS Agent Updater and click Restart or Start (whichever isn't grayed out)
  11. a progress bar will appear, wait until it finishes
  12. right-click on POS Agent Updater and click Refresh
  13. in the Status column to the right of POS Agent Updater, it should say Started


Contact Support

If you cannot restart the agent using the steps above. Please get in touch with our support team anytime:

Call: +97145813645

Email: support@eatapp.co