Pre-Payments - Overview

Add pre-payments and deposits to online reservations to take up-front payments and reduce no-shows.

What are Pre-Payments?


Pre-payments are payments added to reservations either as a deposit for the booking or to pre-pay for the reservation outright - for example a set menu, a cabana or particular area of your venue.

Benefits of Pre-Payments

  • Reduce no shows by taking deposits

Add a credit card authorization to the booking flow. Deposits are help on the guests credit card and sent back to the guest after they arrive at the restaurants. If they no-show then their card is charged the deposit amount.

  • Take deposits or pre-sell by packages and seating preference

Don't limit yourself to just deposits on all reservations. Set up pre-payments by areas of the restaurant, packages like brunch, fixed menus or events.

  • Paid straight to you via Stripe

Eat App doesn't hold your payments. With a connected Stripe account you receive the money at industry leading speeds. Time depends on location but is usually between 3-5 days and is sent directly to you.