Setting up waitlist from your widget

In addition to manually adding guests to your waitlist, you can set up your widget to allow guests to add themselves to the waitlist when your restaurant is fully booked. To do so, start by navigating to the "Waitlists" tab under the "Availability" section of advanced settings.



You will now need to create a "Waitlist Shift". In order to do so, you need to provide your table management system with a few pieces of information.

Waitlist Availability: This determines whether or not this is a one off waitlist that will appear everyday for a defined period of time (One time) or if this waitlist shows up on predefined days every week (recurring).

Start and End Date: What date range applies for this waitlist

First and Last Seating: When can a guest first add themselves to the waitlist and when is the last time slot you will accept a waitlist entry.

Capacity: How many covers are you willing to allow to be on this waitlist.


Your waitlist shift will automatically appear on your widget for the dates and times you've set provided you do not have any online availability within 2 hours of the date and time your guest chose.