All your restaurant settings can be modified directly from the "Set Up" tab within Eat App.

From the Set Up page, you can easily navigate from managing your restaurant tables to any page you need to view or update with a single click. This feature simplifies the process of accessing essential information and making necessary changes to your restaurant's settings.

The Set Up Page is grouped into the following categories:

Automate your venue

  • Configure POS table mapping: Keep guest spend tracking healthy by configuring your POS Table mapping.
  • Review at table: Collect reviews directly using QR codes at your tables.
  • Edit your floorplan: Edit or modify the floor plan for your restaurant.
  • Autopilot your venue: Set-up and manage automatic trigger actions based upon rules you created.
  • Integrate with Foodics POS: Track guest spend to enrich your guest database with a Foodics POS integration.
  • Set delivery options: Create and manage your dine-out / take out / pickup and delivery settings.
  • 5 star review: Get only 5 star bookings on your chosen social page.

Get more bookings

  • Customize your booking widget: Setup and install your booking widget.
  • Get bookings from Facebook and Instagram: Setup bookings from Facebook and Instagram.
  • Get bookings from Google: Setup bookings from Google.
  • Set-up a shift: Set daily shifts to handle booking availability.
  • Create seating options for tables: Create table preferences customers can choose (i.e. vip).
  • Add your concierges: Add concierges and send automated confirmation emails, track reservation history.
  • Keep your venue profile up to date: Quickly update your venue details.
  • Merge a table: Decide which tables can be joined to accommodate more people.

Reduce no shows

See covers per hour: See how many covers your venue handles per hour.

View waitlist report: See trends on the number of guests added to your waitlist.

View upfront payments: Check all the pre-payments made by your guests.

Block a table: Block availability of tables and rooms and specific times.

Take payments online: Set up payment rules so that you can get customers to pay for reservations.

Auto-send messages: Automate when an email or SMS template is sent to guests.

Set up waitlist: Take waitlist bookings online via widget. and offline with QR codes.

Get guests to come back

  • Notify your customers: Share the latest news with your customers.
  • View guest database: View your guest CRM or filter, segment and download reports.
  • View venue history: Access a complete record of all your reservations.
  • View reviews and ratings: View customer feedback, ratings and reviews.
  • View guest trends: See guest retention trends and visit history.
  • Create a guest tag: Identify your customers by tagging them (i.e vip, blacklist).
  • Give discounts when booking online: Fill more seats by offering discounts outside of peak hours.
  • Send branded marketing email messages: Send automated or one-off marketing messages to your guests.
  • Template a message: Design messages for guests via the template builder.
  • Enable guest reviews: Understand what your guests feel after a visit and gather feedback.

Increase venue performance

  • Give your staff access to eat: Set up user accounts for your staff to access eat.
  • Customize daily report: Customize daily report fields to track venue performance.
  • Guest duplication management: Keep your guest database healthy by deduplicating guests.
  • View revenue trends: Track revenue generated from your POS receipts.
  • View group performance: Compare the performance of all restaurants in your group.
  • Get trends by email: Choose when to receive trend reports in your inbox.
  • Billing breakdown: Want to know your billing summary?
  • One click to your invoices: Not sure if you have paid the last invoice?
  • View POS receipts: See menu items your guests ordered.
  • View venue trends: Spot trends and patterns in your reservations.
  • Manage access for your staff: Manage permissions for your staff based on their roles.
  • Check out restaurant performance: View and understand how your venue is performing.
  • Know who did what: Have a quick glance and audit the logs.
  • Phone integration: Add a phone integration to see who is calling before picking up, manage missed calls from guests, go to guest profiles instantly.