The Settings page makes it easier for you to navigate from the table manager to the page you would like to view or update with just a single click.

The Settings Page is categorized with the following:

Floor Management

  • Floorplan editor
    Edit or modify the floor plan for your restaurant
  • Set-up and manage shifts
    Create, setup, and manage your venue’s shifts
  • Reservation preferences
    Manage the reservation preferences and seating for each of your tables
  • Pickup and delivery settings
    Create and manage your dine-out / take out / pickup and delivery settings
  • Block restaurant hours
    Create and manage your blocked restaurant hours by tables and rooms.
  • Setup joinable tables
    Setup, create and merge joinable tables for your restaurant

Customer Management

  • Create and manage tags
    Manage and categorize your guest tags to profile or label your customers.
  • Create and manage automated tasks
    Set-up and manage automatic trigger actions based upon rules you created
  • Create and manage messages
    Setup messaging rules to send messages to your guests automatically
  • Message templates
    Build and manage the creation of message templates to send to your customers
  • Guest database
    View, filter and segment your guest database / CRM to create and download reports

Trends & History

  • Reservation trends
    See trends about your reservations.
  • Reservation history
    See a complete database of all your reservations
  • Customers per hour
    See the trend of how many covers flow through your restaurant every hour
  • Waitlist trends
    See reports on the volume of customers on your waitlist
  • Revenue trends
    See how your revenue performance is from POS collections through receipt logs
  • POS receipts
    See what your customers ordered through the history of your POS receipts
  • Online payments
    See what upfront online deposits you have taken from customers through your widget
  • Group performance
    See how well your sister restaurants are performing across your group
  • Review trends
    See results from feedback , ratings and reviews from your customers or guests
  • Guest trends
    See trends about your guest retention and visit history

Online Reservations

  • Widget configuration
    Configure widget settings so you can install your widget wherever you like
  • Connect Facebook & Instagram
    Connect your Instagram and Facebook to get more bookings for free!
  • Reservations from TripAdvisor
    Activate a reservation link so customers can reserve via your TripAdvisor restaurant page
  • Reservations from Google
    Accept reservations through your Google Business profile.


  • Send blast email
    Create and send out a blast Email' to your customers


  • Billing summary
    See your account or commercial summary of billings
  • View invoices
    View receipts of all account purchases


  • Venue profile
    Edit the profile of your venue
  • Go to Audit log
    See what eat users are doing at your venue

Other Settings

  • Edit daily report
    Customize your print daily report options