iPad Release 3.4.5 - Waitlist Improvements and UI Enhancements

Posted on Apr 10, 2019

Future Waitlist

Users now have the ability to add users to future waitlists. If a user clicks on the waitlist icon, the selected date and current time will be the default selection, but then they can select any day they want.

Servers Name in Reservation Pop-up

In previous versions of the app, the only way to identify a server is by the colored outlines on the tables. Now if you click on a table, you can see the servers name in the reservation pop-up.

Users can now choose to add the customers email address and phone number in custom print reports.

Note that print report customization has been moved to settings under Preferences

Dragging reservations/waitlist/servers to different rooms

Users can drag reservations from the list or a table to different rooms. The same goes for waitlists and servers.

Bug Fixes

  • Midnight Bug: Some restaurants were facing issues where they cannot create walking after midnight. This bug has been resolved

  • Preselected tables are now regenerated when switching rooms.

  • If a user is on floor view on a certain room, and then decides to add a booking, the same room gets preselected

  • Conflicts now ignore cancelled, denied and no show reservations.

iPad Release 3.4.4 - Sync, Waitlist, and Add Booking Improvements

Posted on Mar 11, 2019

Sync UI and Messaging Improvements

While we are constantly working on improving the sync performance on the server side we have recently made changes on the iPad side.

In order to make sure that restaurants don't face difficulties when trying to sync their restaurants through our iPad app, we have improved the sync UI to show real time progress as well as alert restaurant users of other devices trying to sync at the same time. 

New Login Sync Screen

New Screen When Switching Between Restaurants



Sync Error Message



Sync Screen After Editing Floor Plan 


Waitlist Improvements

We've also released a few enhancements on our waitlist feature. The "Add to Waitlist" icon was move to Floor View next to the walk in selector, making it easier for busy restaurants to quickly build up their waitlist. 

The Waitlist tab will now alert the restaurant operator when the guest has exceeded their promised wait time. 

Showing Party Size Info for Tables

Now there is a new icon next to the timer and finish reservation icon to show party size info next to each table.

This icon is now displayed on Floor View and Add Booking View


Party Size and Time Conflicts

Now we are tracking 2 types of conflicts in the app:

Conflicts based on time or party size.

Time Conflict

A time conflict indicates that 2 or more reservations on the same table are overlapping in terms of start and end time. Time conflicts were handled in the past releases by just highlight which reservations that are overlapping which only shows after the reservation has been made. Now you see the conflict details as you are making the booking. You can also see the conflict details in the reservation open state.

Party Size Conflict

A party size conflict indicates a reservation is places on a table that is either too small or too big.

Users in this case can also see more details about the conflicts in the reservation open state and while adding / editing a booking.

Pre-selected and suggested tables

When a user adds a booking now, the app initially preselects a free table based on the number of covers. If the user clicks on another table, the app ignores the preselected table and goes with the user preference.

We also added a feature to show the user other possible suggested table on the floor plan based on the number of covers

The pre-selected table had a solid green stroke and a green background

Other suggested tables have a lighter black stroke

Add Search bar to restaurant list

Now you can search for restaurants by name, which is super helpful for restaurants with multiple restaurant locations.

We have also as usual made a lot of bug fixes under the hood.

Web Release 1.0.8 - Grid View, Table View and Contacts enhancements

Posted on Feb 13, 2019

Grid View

Restaurants now have the ability to manage their reservations through Grid View. Grid view divides the hours of the day into columns (4 am - 4 am).

There are now "Add Booking" call-to-actions in every column to help the user create a booking quickly and also select the correct party size from the bottom carousel. The user can also filter out the columns based on shifts.

Table View

Table view is another way of managing restaurant information through a spreadsheet. The spreadsheet divides the hours of the day on the x-axis and the tables in every room on the y-axis.

Users can do the following to manage their bookings:

  • Collapse every room by clicking on each section header.

  • Add new reservations by clicking on a cell, which pre-selects the room and time on the add booking screen.

  • Drag and drop any reservation to another time or table.

Reservations that are overlapping on Table View will be highlighted in red to show that there is a conflict

Note: Filtering out the spreadsheet based on shift filters will be released in the next sprint

Contacts Reservation history and improvements

Users can now view a contacts reservation history and create a new reservation for that user. There are a few other technical improvements that were applied on this screen for fetching and updates contacts lists.

Activate restaurants for online reservations

This is an admin feature that allows the user to activate/deactivate tables from online reservations. Tables that are unavailable for online reservations will never be selected if a reservation is made from any of our consumer apps.

Enhancements and bug fixes

As usual they every release we try to improve the performance of the app and identify and solve new issues.

iPad Release 3.4.2 - UX/UI Enhancements

Posted on Feb 10, 2019

Top bar consistency across all views

The top bar is a navigational elements that should be consistent across all screens, so we've added the following fixes.

  • The "Today" Icon is now available on all screens (Floor, Book, List and Table)

  • Unifying shift filter behavior across all screens

  • Now, the shift filter works on upcoming, seated tabs in the floor view

  • Consistency on the number of covers in all view

  • Modifying the date or shifts in one screen also modifies in other screens


Covers per room in Custom Print Reports

Now restaurants have the option to see the number of covers per room in their print reports.


And plenty of Enhancements

  • Waitlist time counter is now in 5 minute increments. Also all -+ counters now have an enhanced to increment really fast if you press and hold on them. Please see the gif below for reference

  • Showing more valuable information on table open state

  • Standardizing all view to display reservations between 4:00 am - 3:45 am. 

Web Release 1.0.7 - Custom Tags, Error Logging and Enhancements

Posted on Jan 31, 2019

Custom Tags

Users can now add custom tags to their reservations and be able to see them on Reservation Open State, Floor View and Book View. Note that the custom tags need to be set on admin.eatapp.co before they can be accessible on the app.



Bug Fixes and Enhancements

Here are some of the bug fixes we've added in this release.

  • Adding phone validation for users that put incorrectly formatted phone numbers

  • Standardizing the top navigation bar across all views

  • Browser specific UI enhancements

Web: Print Reports

Posted on Jan 20, 2019

Restaurant managers can now print their reservations for the day from the web version of Restaurant Manager by Eat in the format seen below.

When the user click on the Print icon in 'Floor View' or 'Book View' the report opens in a new tab, allowing for it to be saved locally or to be printed through the native printer pop-up window.

Web: Reservation Takers

Posted on Jan 20, 2019

Restaurant managers now can select their reservation taker in the Add and Edit Booking screens. Note that reservation takers can be set up on your restaurant admin website found here.

Web: Reservation Tags

Posted on Jan 20, 2019

Restaurant managers now can select their reservation tags in the Add and Edit Booking screens. Selected tags are visible in Floor View, Book View and the Reservation Open State.





Web: Table Open States

Posted on Dec 30, 2019

Users can know see the reservations associated with a table by clicking on it. The way this feature is implemented on the web is slightly different than on the iPad version of Restaurant Manager by Eat.

Instead of a pop-up, when pressing an occupied table on the web, the reservation window on the left is filtered to only show that single reservation. Users are then able to click that booking to see its details or press the 'x' to remove the applied filter. 

Web: Shift Filters

Posted on Dec 30, 2019

Users can filter their reservations based on shifts (breakfast, lunch and dinner). The current implementation assumes the following values for the shifts:

  • Breakfast: 4:00am - 11:59am

  • Lunch: 12:00pm - 3:59pm

  • Dinner: 4:00pm - 3:59am

In the future restaurants will be able to set their shifts dynamically through settings.