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iPad Release 3.4.4 - Sync, Waitlist, and Add Booking Improvements

Sync UI and Messaging Improvements

While we are constantly working on improving the sync performance on the server side we have recently made changes on the iPad side.

In order to make sure that restaurants don't face difficulties when trying to sync their restaurants through our iPad app, we have improved the sync UI to show real time progress as well as alert restaurant users of other devices trying to sync at the same time. 

New Login Sync Screen

Restaurant Manger by Eat sync improvements

Restaurant Manger by Eat sync improvements

New Screen When Switching Between Restaurants


Restaurant Manger by Eat sync improvements

Restaurant Manger by Eat sync improvements


Sync Error Message


Restaurant Manger by Eat sync improvements

 Restaurant Manger by Eat sync improvements

Sync Screen After Editing Floor Plan 


Restaurant Manger by Eat sync improvements

Waitlist Improvements

We've also released a few enhancements on our waitlist feature. The "Add to Waitlist" icon was move to Floor View next to the walk in selector, making it easier for busy restaurants to quickly build up their waitlist. 

The Waitlist tab will now alert the restaurant operator when the guest has exceeded their promised wait time. 

Waitlist Improvements

Showing Party Size Info for Tables

Now there is a new icon next to the timer and finish reservation icon to show party size info next to each table.

This icon is now displayed on Floor View and Add Booking View

Party Size Viewer


Party Size and Time Conflicts

Now we are tracking 2 types of conflicts in the app:

Conflicts based on time or party size.

Time Conflict

A time conflict indicates that 2 or more reservations on the same table are overlapping in terms of start and end time. Time conflicts were handled in the past releases by just highlight which reservations that are overlapping which only shows after the reservation has been made. Now you see the conflict details as you are making the booking. You can also see the conflict details in the reservation open state.

Time conflict

time conflict

Party Size Conflict

A party size conflict indicates a reservation is places on a table that is either too small or too big.

Users in this case can also see more details about the conflicts in the reservation open state and while adding / editing a booking.

party size conflictparty size conflict

party size conflictparty size conflict

Pre-selected and suggested tables

When a user adds a booking now, the app initially preselects a free table based on the number of covers. If the user clicks on another table, the app ignores the preselected table and goes with the user preference.

We also added a feature to show the user other possible suggested table on the floor plan based on the number of covers

The pre-selected table had a solid green stroke and a green background

Other suggested tables have a lighter black stroke

pre selected tables

Add Search bar to restaurant list

Now you can search for restaurants by name, which is super helpful for restaurants with multiple restaurant locations.

We have also as usual made a lot of bug fixes under the hood.

A new way to manage your restaurant

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