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iPad Release 3.4.5 - Waitlist Improvements and UI Enhancements

Future Waitlist

Users now have the ability to add users to future waitlists. If a user clicks on the waitlist icon, the selected date and current time will be the default selection, but then they can select any day they want.

Waitlist Enhancements

Servers Name in Reservation Pop-up

In previous versions of the app, the only way to identify a server is by the colored outlines on the tables. Now if you click on a table, you can see the servers name in the reservation pop-up.

Table Open State Improvements

Users can now choose to add the customers email address and phone number in custom print reports.

Note that print report customization has been moved to settings under Preferences

Custom Print Reports

Dragging reservations/waitlist/servers to different rooms

Users can drag reservations from the list or a table to different rooms. The same goes for waitlists and servers.

Reservation Improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Midnight Bug: Some restaurants were facing issues where they cannot create walking after midnight. This bug has been resolved

  • Preselected tables are now regenerated when switching rooms.

  • If a user is on floor view on a certain room, and then decides to add a booking, the same room gets preselected

  • Conflicts now ignore cancelled, denied and no show reservations.

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