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Empower better restaurant marketing with reservation software that supports your promotions and increases revenue.

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restaurant marketing software

How Does Restaurant Marketing Work Today?

Today's connected, digital world is changing restaurant marketing. Increasingly, marketing managers are harnessing customer data and automation to meet the demands of diners. With digital systems, like Eat, restaurants execute personalized customer service and relevant marketing campaigns - improving retention and increasing revenue.

Restaurant Marketing

More Diners, More Revenue

Online Reservations Across the Web

66% of diners want online reservations. Deploy our widgets across Facebook, Google Business and email campaigns to capilaize on the web.

Automatically Build Your Database

A strong database is the heart of successful restaurant marketing. Our tools enable you to build and manage your database faster.

Unlimited Access to Your Data

We provide unlimited access to your customer data enabling you to create and execute marketing campaigns across Facebook, email and SMS.

Restaurant Marketing
Diner retention

Improve Customer Retention

Happy customers are loyal customers. Through outstanding customer experience across reservations, service and marketing, restaurants are improving retention and increasing revenue.

Rich Guest Profiles
Track dine preferences and notes for the best hospitality. 
Email Marketing
Use your segmented customer list to execute targeted email campaigns.
Actionable business data helps you optimize everything from staff levels to floor plan layout.
Diner History
Full diner history is available on every guest profile.  
Facebook Advertising
Supercharge your Facebook Ads with custom and look-a-like audiences based on your customers.
Powerful widgets can be used across Facebook, Google Business or in any email campaign.

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