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iPad Reservation System for Restaurant Owners 

Start managing your reservations and floor plan with cloud synced iPads. Enable better management and marketing at your restaurant using software your staff will love.

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Reservation Restaurant Owners

How Owners Benefit from Reservation Software?

Reservation systems, like Eat, control your front-of-house, allowing you to take and manage both offline and online bookings, as well as manage your floorplan. This type of software helps you improve hospitality and marketing through contact management, empowering you and your staff to get more diners and keep the ones you already have.

Get More Diners

Your floor plan - organized

Combine online and offline reservations and walk-ins into one easy to use system. Restaurants that use Eat reduce mistakes and fill more tables.

Reservation Software

Easy Online Reservations

Take reservations from your website or anywhere else online with no lines of code. It's as simple as adding a link.

24/7 Support

Got an issue? Our support team is available directly inside the app.

Reservation Book

Stay on Top of Everything

Combine walk-ins, as well as online and offline reservations into an easy to use system for managing your floorplan. Benefit from multiple views that allow you to work faster, and more accurately, than other systems.

Restaurant Reservations
Take and manage reservations in a simple to use iPad app. Assign tables and track guests as they dine with you. 
Table Management
Fully editable floorplan that allows you to block tables, add guests to a waitlist and seat guests with the swipe of a finger.
Guest Database
Automatically build a rich contact list with preferences, notes and dining history. Use your database for better hospitality and marketing

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