Activating guest reviews at your restaurant

Guest reviews is a new feature at Eat App that is free of charge but requires activation before you are able to start collecting reviews from your guests.

Send an email to with the subject line "Activating Guest Reviews | YOUR RESTAURANT NAME" and let us know you would like to enable guest reviews at your restaurant.

Once we've activated guest reviews at your restaurant, you will now need to set it up within Eat App. First start by navigating to and logging in with your Eat App credentials. Alternatively, head to the settings tab from the left hand sidebar from within your table management system and click "Advanced settings" on the top right.


From the "Features" tab, click on "Guest reviews".

From here, you are now able to toggle guest reviews on and off using the "Reviews active" toggle on the top right hand side as well as select which messaging you want to sent your guests once they've visited your restaurant.

These options include:

  • Food & Beverage rating
  • Service rating
  • Ambience rating
  • Written review

Once you've set your preferences, click "Update reviews" on the bottom right hand corner.