Guest messaging

One of the most powerful features of Eat App is the ability to keep your guests in the loop about their reservations through automated or manual messaging.

By default, every Eat App subscription comes with 250 free SMS per month and unlimited emails. To send more than 250 SMS messages per month, you will need to purchase a messaging package.

To learn more, reach out to us through the support tab in Eat App and on our website or by emailing us at

Manual vs. Automatic Messaging

Eat App supports two types of guest messaging - automatic and manual.

Automatic Messaging

Not Confirmed: When a reservation is created, as long as the reservation is still not confirmed, no message will be sent out to the guest.

Confirmed: When the status of a reservation changes to confirmed, an sms and email get sent to the guest.

Modified: As long as the reservation is still not confirmed and the reservation is for at least x days in the future, when a change is made to the reservation, an sms will be triggered.

Manual Messaging

Requested: When a reservation is still not confirmed, you as a restaurant can manually trigger an sms or email to go out informing the guest that their booking is requested.

Confirmed: You can also trigger a confirmation email manually.

This can be done directly from the reservation creation process or by accessing the reservation details once a reservation has already been created.


Creating Customized Messaging

To create a custom message for your restaurant, head to and navigate to the "Messages" tab at the top of the page.

Default messages that are created when you join eat.

  • SMS Reservation Requested
  • SMS Reservation Confirmed
  • SMS Reservation Late
  • SMS Reservation Denied
  • SMS Reservation Canceled

To create a new template, click the "New Template" button on the bottom of the page for the respective channels: either SMS or email.

From here, you will have a few required fields to fill in to create your custom message.

  • Name: Internal name for the message
  • Message Type: Choose from one of the predefined events in the app
  • Body: The body of the message that we are sending. You can use the default variables to auto complete messages.
  • Preview: The preview of the message with the variables added.

Each SMS is capped at 160 characters, every additional 160 characters over that is considered another SMS that will be counted against your messaging package.


Editing Message Templates

To edit any message template, click the event name on the left hand side of the messages tab and you will be taken into the message edit screen.