Adding restaurant offers/discounts

Time-based discounts are a great way to fill more of your restaurant during off peak hours. Sometimes referred to as 'yield management' or 'variable pricing', the feature allows you to show discounts to your guests for earlier or later time slots within the booking flow - driving business where you would normally struggle to do so.


How to set up time-based discounts

To set up time-based discounts at your restaurant, start by heading to your admin page at and navigate to the offers tab under the features section. Alternatively, head straight to


From here, click "New Offer".


You will now be presented with a pop-up to create an offer for your restaurant.

Name: The internal name for your offer, this will not be displayed to guests booking a table at your restaurant.

Display name: This is the offer that will be displayed below every time-slot on your widget indicating there is a time-based discount at that time. This field is limited to 4 characters, so for a 50% off discount you'd want to write something like '-50%'.

Description: An internal description of the offer, this will not be displayed to guests booking a table at your restaurant.

Offer availability: You can choose one of two options for this setting

  • Recurring: This discount will repeat every week on the same days and between the same times until the end date of the offer. This is great for weekly offers such as a Sunday brunch or tuesday ladies night.
  • Event: This discount will repeat everyday between the start and end date you've set and the times you've selected. This is great for seasonal offers - if your restaurant is hosting a festive set menu every night during the week of Christmas.

Date from and date to: The date range this offer will run.

Days of week: This option will only be displayed for recurring offers and allows you to select the specific days of the week this offer will be valid on.

First seating and last seating: Regardless of when your restaurant opens and closes, these are the times you want your guests to be able to book between.

Volume capacity by: This is how you would limit how many guests or bookings are able to redeem this offer. Select covers if you only want a specific number of people using the offer or alternatively select reservations if you want the total number of bookings to act as the limiting factor.


Once you are done, click "Create Offer"

Updating Offers

To update any offer, simply click on the offer name and make any changes to the offer. When done, just click "Update offer" to save your changes.

Turning off an offer

To toggle an offer either on or off, just click the "Offer active" checkbox in the top right of any offer window.


Still need help? An alternative guide can be found here: How To Create Offers For Events at your Restaurant, Cafe, Bar or Club