Table Grouping

The maximum covers a guest can choose on the reservation widget will be based on the maximum capacity of your tables and what is set on your shift as “Max covers per reservation”,


Sometimes, guests' process large bookings wherein it is more than the capacity of your table. Grouping tables would help you combine your tables and it’s capacity for large bookings, it would also automatically assign these reservations to those groups you have created. This provides a better customer experience as your guests' woudn't have the need to create multiple reservations for large bookings.

How to group your tables?

  1. Sign in on your Admin
  2. Under the Availability tab, go to ‘Table Grouping’ and click on “New Table group”

  3. Choose the tables you want to group. The minimum and maximum covers are indicated on the right side for your reference. 
  4. Click on ‘Create Table Group’


Once the group is created, you may now update your shift's “Max covers per reservation” under Availability > Shifts