Uploading your guests

How to upload your guests to Eat App

You'll need to take the following steps to get your guests uploaded.

1. Download our guest template below.

Eat App Guest Import Template.csv

Note: The upload is limited to 20,000 guests at a time, please split the file into smaller files with a maximum of 20k or less per file.


2. Import your guests into the excel sheet and make sure they follow the format defined in the file without making any changes to the header. 

Make sure the mobile numbers are appearing correctly and it's in Number format.

2. You must have at least the guest's first name for us to be able to import them into Eat App. Without a first name, we will not be able to upload that guest.


3. Once you're complete, if possible, save the excel file in CSV UTF-8 encoding(Comma Delimited) format then add your restaurant name to it.

            a. Example: Pizza-Kitchen-Cafe-Guest-Import-Template.csv


4. You then can either send it to us through the support tab within Eat App or by emailing it to info@eatapp.co. Make sure to inform us that you are sending this file to be uploaded to Eat App along with your restaurant name and contact details in case we have any questions.


  • Once the guest database has been uploaded into the system, it cannot be undone. So please make sure to fill out the Eat App Guest Import Template correctly.
  • There is no option for deleting bulk contacts.
For merging duplicate contacts and more info about managing your guests, you may check this link: Guest management