Modifying reservation details

Reservations in Eat App are dynamic and give restaurant operators the ability to make changes on the fly regardless of whether those reservations came from one of your widgets on the web or were created by one of your staff members.

Editing a reservation

Editing reservations with Eat App is super simple and can be done at any point during the customer's dining journey. To edit any reservation, open the reservation details:


From the reservation details pop-up, you can directly change:

  • The status of the reservation (eg: when a customer requests the bill, you can change the status to "Check Dropped"), this helps your staff stay informed of where every single one of your guests is along their diner journey.)
  • The Wait time (only if the reservation is on the waitlist)
  • The time of the reservation, in cases when a customer is running late and you want to quickly amend their reservation details.
  • The party size, in situations where more or less guests show up than initially planned.
  • The duration of the booking.
  • Add/view comments


For all other changes to a reservation, click the edit icon at the bottom of the reservation details pop-up.


To learn more about messaging your guests about updates to their reservations click here.

Reservation Status

Your reservations can move through a variety of different reservation statuses that reflect their stage in the diner lifecycle. We've grouped all the statuses based on this lifecycle allowing you to easily filter/sort based on these properties.

The lifecycle stages and their respective statuses are as follows:

  • Upcoming
    • Not confirmed
    • No answer
    • Confirmed
    • Late
  • Waitlist
    • Waitlist
  • Pre-service
    • Arrived
    • Partially arrived
  • In-service
    • Seated
    • Appetizer
    • Entree
    • Dessert
    • Cheque dropped
  • Finished
    • Finished
  • Removed
    • Canceled
    • Denied
    • No show

Reservation history

Reservation history allows you or your staff to track all changes made to a specific reservation during its lifetime. This gives you a historic timeline of the reservation from start to finish along with every single change that has been made to it.


To access a reservation's history, open the reservation details and click the history icon at the bottom. This will open up a new tab where the entire history of the reservation is visible.


On the left, you'll see the most up to date reservation details for this reservation, while on the right you will see a breakdown of all the changes that were made, which team member made them, and specifically was changed.