Using reservation filters

When managing your reservations using Eat App, filters can be a useful tool to help focus on specifically what you are looking for.

Filters are available through all the major views in Eat App. These include:


To filter reservations, tap the "Filter" icon on the top of every page. The filter tab is divided into three sections.

  1. Group by
  2. Sort by
  3. Filter by

Group by

You can toggle different grouping options from this section.

  • Shifts: Your reservations will be grouped by shifts in your separate views
  • Status: Your reservations will be grouped by their status
  • Lifecycle: Your reservations will be grouped by what stage in the lifecycle they fall under
    • Upcoming, Waitlist, Pre-service, In-service, Finished, and Removed.

Sort by

You can toggle different sorting options from this section.

  • Reservation time
  • Created time
  • Name
  • Covers

Filter by

The filter by section allows you to fine tune the reservations you want to see, you can choose to filter reservations by:

  • Status: select the specific statuses that you would like to see
  • Reservation types: If you are only interested in seeing reservations through a specific channel
  • Shifts: When you want to see reservations for certain shifts
  • Rooms: Only view reservations that are for specific rooms
  • Tags: Filter reservations by their reservation tags