Managing users

From the users tab of your advanced restaurant settings you'll be able to quickly view which users are assigned to this restaurant as well as having the ability to jump into individual user settings to make quick changes.


From the individual user profiles, you'll be able to see:

  • Last login: When the user last logged in
  • Name: The name of the staff member
  • Email: The staff member email
  • Restaurant: The restaurants this user is assigned to, you can also use the search to find and assign this user to another restaurant that is part of your group.
  • Role: The staff member role, currently Eat App supports two types of restaurant staff:
    • Manager: The manager of the restaurant or group
    • Staff: Any other employees at the restaurant, whether that be front of house or servers
  • Login: The login indicator displays whether or not that specific restaurant user has log in access.
  • Password: If you have added a log-in access to a user, you may set a password that they can use on this field, this is also where you can update your users password.
  • Reservation taker: (Source) The taker indicator displays whether or not that specific restaurant user can be set as a reservation taker when creating new reservations through Eat App.
  • Pin: If a restaurant has required its staff to enter a pin anytime they add/modify a reservation, that pin will be displayed here.
  • Phone Ext: For restaurants using Eat App phone integration, this is the extension that is assigned to that specific restaurant user.
  • Server: The server indicator displays whether or not that specific restaurant user is available for selection from the server management section of Eat App.
  • Group Guests: This indicates whether or not a staff member has access to shared guests between multiple locations.
  • Allow to merge guests: This indicates whether or not the staff member has the ability to merge guests in Eat App.
  • Server Color: The color column displays the specific color assigned to each server. These are the colors that are used to outline tables on the floor plan when a server is managing those tables.